A Turnkey TeleMammography Solution For Your Practice

Rapid and Accurate Interpretations Along with Streamlined Service

Improved workflow, efficiency, as well as compliant reporting are important aspects of offering breast imaging services. In an effort to better assist our clients, TeleMammography Specialists provide the following:

Analog Comparison Films

Prior to advanced digital mammography testing there were analog comparison films. The TeleMammography Specialists are able to digitize these old films and return them for permanent electronic storage.

Patient Notification Lay Letters

As required by law, all physicians must send a report to their patients in response to any type of mammogram test performed. Our skilled radiologists offer to complete this extra step for you as a part of our TeleMammography services!

BI-RADS Tracking

The Breast Imaging and Reporting Data System, abbreviated as BI-RADS is a resource used by healthcare providers expertly communicate the results of a mammogram, breast ultrasound, or MRI test of the breast. The TeleMammography Specialists are able to utilize this system in order to quickly and effectively translate the results of these various tests and relay their recommendations regarding further treatment.

Web-Based Resources

It is our goal to continually provide services to women’s health professionals that make it as simple as possible for them to receive fast and accurate results in reference to different mammography imaging tests. For this reason, all partners of TeleMammography Specialists are able to easily access patient reports and letters through our online resources.

Conference Calls

Should physicians or their patients request additional information about their mammography images, our radiologists will happily speak with them over video conference to address any and all questions or concerns.

Want to learn more about TeleMammography for your practice?

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