Breast Imaging Interpretations

Our network of board-certified radiologists has extensive experience in reading a variety of diagnostic imaging tests. Such tests can be used to identify a range of medical conditions and illnesses, but our radiologists are unique in the fact that they focus specifically on mammography.

Not only do we offer the insights of our highly skilled radiologists, but we also make these insights as convenient as possible by making them available to providers anywhere within our licensed states. Call us at (404) 687-8649 to learn more today!

Many women are recommended to have routine mammograms or X-ray pictures of the breast to look for early signs of breast cancer. These screenings can be performed in a number of practices, hospitals or clinic settings and are becoming more accessible to women all over the country.

However, the accurate interpretation and clear readings of these mammograms are vital to the health and outcomes of each individual. If there is a greater need for quality, fellowship-trained experts to interpret the scans telemammography may be an option.

What Is Telemammography?

Telemammography is the secure transfer of mammographic images from one locality to another.

If you live in an area where there aren’t enough trained and qualified radiologists to interpret the exams, the images can be sent for an accurate reading. This is known as telemammography and provides a number of benefits to your OBGYN or other medical practice as well as your patients.

How Are The Scans Sent?

All scans are sent in a convenient, HIPAA-compliant, and secure way.

We have sent thousands of scans for accurate readings to our central PACS server and back to your facility in a timely manner. Mammography credentialing and state and MQSA regulatory support can also be arranged if needed.

We value prompt readings and timely correspondence. We know that in these situations, patients prefer to have accurate results as soon as possible.

Because our breast imaging experts are trained at the highest levels, they know what to look for. They are aware of areas that are often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Our specialists send and receive all scans in a safe and timely manner.

Why Use Telemammography?

If you provide mammography services but there is not enough demand to justify a full-time position for a board-certified and fellowship-trained breast imaging specialist, we can help.

Telemamography is great for:

  • Smaller cities
  • Rural areas
  • Women’s health centers and practices that would like to offer mammography services
  • Woman imaging centers that only have general radiologists
  • If radiologists are reluctant to read mammograms
  • If radiologists are overburdened with other diagnostic imaging studies and procedures
  • An onsite radiologist that would like help with diagnostic mammogram interpretation
  • Locations and providers that value accurate readings

Benefits of Telemammography

Some benefits of using telemammography include:

  • Allowing you to instantly transmit images, tests, or scans in a secure way
  • Sending to mammographers who will interpret them in a timely manner
  • Every interpretation is conducted by a fellowship-trained professional with skill and expertise
  • Meticulous review of every case
  • Rapid turnaround in reporting

What can Our Telemammography Specialists Review?

Our experts can review and interpret results from various diagnostic studies such as:

  • 2d/3d Mammogram Screening
  • Breast MRI Tests
  • Breast Imaging and Reporting Data System (BIRADS)
  • and more

Why Experts Matter

When you are highly specialized, you can see cases that others do not. Our team has provided countless imaging interpretations. They have spent years specializing and honing their abilities to deliver the highest level of service to patients.

If your patient receives a poor interpretation of their imaging exam, it can lead to more stress, worry, and negativity for your team. With telemammography, you can spend less time waiting for radiologists while receiving more reliable interpretations.

Get Connected Today

With the advancements in medicine and technology, telemammography is a great option for many clinics or hospitals to connect to experts. We can work with you to create a personal approach, despite the distance. With our patient-centric approach, we aim to provide compassionate care in our services.

To learn more about our TeleMammography services or which states/territories we are licensed to practice, call (404) 687-8649